Tik Tok and Copyright

Hey Everyone,

I thought this was an interesting article on copyright and Tik Tok. Our classes on copyright had me thinking about how “creators” put their content out to the world so effortlessly these days. People are mostly willing to encourage shares/imitations, but sometimes when things really go viral, the creator wants to enforce credit and protection. The article does a good job of explaining some of these copyright issues on a basic level.

What I found most interesting is the comment about how younger users tend to view the copyright issue differently. It makes me wonder if the next generation will erode more of the formality older generations hold towards intellectual property online. It reminds me of the attitudes younger people had for limewire and napster for back in the day. Those platforms didn’t last, but they definitely changed the public perception on how cheap and accessible music should be. Will Tik Tok change the public perception on copyright creations? Maybe it already has and I’m just out of touch.