A large number of people have encouraged and supported the development of this open website and it’s predecessor and associated websites:

Many at the Allard School of Law have encouraged these efforts. These include Dan Silverman, Tom Dudas and Bernie Flinn have worked very hard and with admirable consistency over the years to improve and grow the law schools’ technological capabilities. The UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology for being an incredible facilitator of ideas, support and inspiration for this and other websites over the years – in particular three wonderful collaborators.  The amazing Novak Rogic for leading me to the creation of course websites in the first place, making sure they happened and meeting with me regularly  to design, improve, refine and evolve the on-line presence of those courses. Will Engle has selflessly provided a seemingly endless supply of ideas, encouragement and follow-up. A very special thanks is owed to the extraordinary Richard Tape who so often and so skillfully implemented many  improvements, and made them dramatically better than expected every time.  Over the years there are a great many others at CTLT who have made real contributions to evolution of the digital presence of my courses, including David Brabbins, Enej Bajgoric, Jeff Miller, Devindra Payment, Joe Zerdin, as well as the unfailingly professional and supportive Saeed Dyanatkar.

Apologies to anyone who has been inadvertently overlooked.