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Final Project – Lack of Copyright Protection in the Fashion Industry

I’ve enjoyed the TedTalk we watched in class where Johanna Blakley discussed how the lack of copyright has allowed innovation and the establishments of trends in the fashion industry. Please see my final paper attached below where I discuss the topic further.   The lack of copyright has fueled huge economic gains in the fashion […]

Indigenous Trademarks in Sports

Indigenous Trademarks in Sports

Indigenous Trademarks in Sports Until recently, the use of Indigenous-related trademarks in sports was a controversial issue. While it is well-settled today that, at least morally, professional sports teams should not be using Indigenous trademarks for their name (i.e., the Washington Redskins) or mascot (i.e., Chief Wahoo for the Cleveland Indians), it is less clear […]

“Exhaustion of Intellectual Property Rights” A Concept Promoting Competitive Behaviour Among European Member states

Hi Everyone, I decided to write my paper on the doctrine of exhaustion of IP rights within the European Economic Area (“EEA”) and how it operates. The principle appreciates the significance of IP rights in the operation of the commercial world while also allowing goods move freely within the EEA.  I have added the link […]